What is a REST API?

A REST API is an open and standardised interface that allows information systems to communicate with each other. Two modern web services, both of which include an open interface, can in practice be connected very quickly. 

Spotilla has a free and ready to use API for all of our customers.

You can read the Spotilla REST API documentation here.

API documentation is a description of how information can be retrieved or imported into the system. Here's an easy example:

This simple command gets all devices from Spotilla. 

With the API documentation, any operator implementing integrations can plan and implement the export and import of data to and from Spotilla.  

Access to the interface is completely free for all Spotilla customers and you do not need any authorisation or keys from us to use it. By following the instructions described in the documentation, you or your IT partner can make the necessary integrations.

Integration services

At the request of our customers, we have implemented and been involved in the implementation of integrations to several information systems between them and Spotilla. We work quickly and efficiently and because our services are easy to integrate, we always dare to say that there is no problem for us to do the data transfer. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to find out how to implement an integration!



Integrations with no Coding


Integrations without any coding?

Can integrations be made between two services without coding a single line? Yes you can - using the Zapier integration platform. 

Zapier represents a modern way to transfer information between systems - without heavy integration projects.

Have a look for examples of the thousands of applications you can easily integrate with Spotilla!

Note: Zapier can also be used to integrate with systems that have not implemented a direct interface to Zapier. Inside Zapier you have the possibility to run integrations by making http POST and GET calls between software - meaning that you can connect Spotilla to any app with a REST-api with Zapier even if that app would not  have direct integration to Zapier. 

We have implemented a ready-to-use interface for Spotilla Zapier integration platform. This allows our customers to integrate without lines of code, using a graphical user interface. This is a modern way to transfer data online between two cloud services. 

In the future, more and more organisations will want to independently manage the transfer of data between services - not always having to hire a software house to do the integrations. That's why we have pioneered the interface between Spotilla and the integration platform Zapier from the very beginning - to empower our customers!

With Zapier, you can connect Spotilla to over 3000 other applications - still - without coding a single line of code.


Microsoft Azure AD SSO


Do we have Single Sign On in Spotilla - Yes we do

We've implemented an AzureAD integration that allows you to easily and effortlessly do away with separate passwords and usernames with Spotilla. All access and permissions inside Spotilla can be governed by AAD.

You dont need to code a single line of code - all you need is an admin account in AzureAD to approve the integration and then you are done!

With our ready made AAD integration it is also possible to transfer the entire access management to AD, i.e. when a person logs in with his/her "" account, his/her permissions inside Spotilla are defined according to what is defined in AzureAD. 



What about this software?


These are the questions we are asked...

Our customers sometimes ask us if Spotilla can be integrated with software X or Y. Usually our answer is always "yes".

The biggest challenge in implementing integrations is not technical - but functional. You have to be able to define what information you want to move between the two systems, and be able to say how it should work functionally. 

  • First think about why you want to integrate data
  • Describe how the process becomes easier and more efficient when data is transferred
  • Make integration work and make it more efficient - don't sit on your hands if it's clear that integration will save you money and make things easier

The smaller challenge - the technical one - is that many companies are still using very old systems that do not include modern interfaces. Any company interested in developing its business should require its software suppliers to include in their systems open and modern interfaces that can be used at no extra cost - ensuring a total economic success for all parties involved.