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Kokeile ilmaiseksi

Indentify assets easily

Ease of Use

Dont loose track of assets

NFC-Tags and QR-codes

Forget about self printed stickers and paper labels. Only durable equipment labeling makes sense.

As a result of several years of product development, we have created a comprehensive standard collection of various NFC and QR code labels that are suitable for all equipment and conditions

Our collection includes very cheap basic models, as well as models designed for the demanding conditions of the industry that can withstand almost any conditions.

Tagging the assets is often laborious and should only be done once during the whole life cycle of the device - with a marking that lasts the entire life cycle of the equipment.

We have a complete catalog of QR-code and NFC Tags


The products endure all required conditions


We can customize the products to your needs


You can use your existing barcode/qr-code/nfc tags


What is it about?

Why should we tag our assets?

In many cases, the only sensible way to manage equipment and equipment on the ground and at sites is to label them sustainably. Only when the device / equipment is marked in such a way that each device can be easily identified is it possible to maintain information about the device and the equipment.

When the device is marked with an NFC tag or a QR code, for example, the user can use the mobile application to directly access the information of the correct device / destination - and there is no need to search for information at all.

When a device's entry is read by a mobile application, time and location information is also automatically generated from where the device was at any time - so the inventory is done automatically and who knows who owns the device.


Device tagging inpractise